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Branding Consultation

Creating a unique business identity requires both strategy and creative experience. It requires a clear understanding of what your brand stands for and what messages you want to deliver to your market.

At CoMarketing we help our clients, in the pre-artistic stage of a branding project, to establish a clear strategic and creative direction. Our services include studio and onsite consultation as well as developing project planners which incorporate identifiers or values associated with the brand. This consultative stage provides a foundation to build brands with strong visual appeal, longevity and character. To find out more about creating a unique brand and business identity, call our team to book a consultation. Our branding consultation services include:

Services include

Brand Values

Competitor Research

Colour Analysis

Projects Strategy


Logo Design

Your business logo; often the first graphic contact your customer will have with your brand. A company logo is the image embodying your organisation.

An important element in establishing your identity is to define one of the first touch-points the customer will have with your brand, your logo. In a single graphic symbol, the logo represents your brand, the organisation’s values and identifies your market position. 

Effective logo design requires a distinctive concept, the ability to work effectively across various marketing media and has the flexibility to grow as the market requires. Logo design requires a strong element of experience and creativity.

Our logos are designed with simplicity, originality and practicality. Contact our team to find out more. Services include:

Services include

Motif Design

Wordmark Design

Colour Formatting

Brand Strategy


Corporate Style Guides

A brand style guide is a graphic-focused document with predefined design rules for use by company personnel and associated contractors.

Graphic style guides encourage visual consistency across an organisation’s marketing media and play a key role in ensuring a uniform message to the market. Style guides are typically built and designed around each brand’s key requirements.

Contact our team to find out more. Services include:

Services include

Brand Guides

Style Guides

Colour Formatting

Brand Strategy

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